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17. March 2010 16:57
by nickolay_kolev

Microsoft joined Apple’s camp

17. March 2010 16:57 by nickolay_kolev | 147 Comments

It is about Windows Mobile 7.

Until now Microsoft was in the business of developing platforms. Take any MS product - even the Office set of products are actually development platforms with scripting languages and COM servers.

This is really great, because it allows anybody that has an idea for product or how to improve the existing application can do it with very little investment (money and time). If the goal is to make money, create the application and post it wherever you decide is good from marketing prospective. It is your decision and your responsibility for your application to be a success or complete failure.

On the other hand you have Apple. Closed structure and a platform that is tied to a specific hardware. If you want to develop for that platform, you will have to pay annual fees for access to SDKs. Also, the moment your application is ready to face the world, there is only one place to sell it, like it or not - the Apple store. More...

14. February 2010 12:33
by nickolay_kolev

Fun with && and ||

14. February 2010 12:33 by nickolay_kolev | 1 Comments


I am surprised that only few people know and apply this little trick when it comes to checking for a NULL pointer.


You should check for a NULL every time you use new to get an object instance of a class. You should also check for a NULL pointer when you receive a non-value object as a function parameter. The later can be omitted only if you develop under the strict rules of programming by contract (a.k.a design by contract). But, I have never seen anybody develop using programming by contract, because it will actually require managers and architects to have a good idea what the software will have to do, which is never the case. More...