Now You Know What I Think

27. January 2010 19:07
by nickolay_kolev

Apple should fire Steve Jobs if it wants to survive

27. January 2010 19:07 by nickolay_kolev | 33 Comments

I must say that am not a fan of Apple’s products. But I was hoping this time that Apple’s version of a tabled PC would be my first Apple product to buy. I was disappointed this morning, rather badly.

Few years ago I tried to use an iPod as my music player. For me the only reason to go to compressed music is the ability to carry all my music collection with me all the time. I have to admit that compression with 192kbs is good enough for me and I can’t hear compression artifacts – higher bitrates are indistinguishable for my ear. Naturally I purchased the iPod classic, the 160GB model.

I was thrilled to try and see what the whole buzz around the Apple user interface and usability was all about. And I was disappointed, to put it lightly. The wheel was annoying and very impractical interface for me (try to use it in your car for example). I had to be extra careful when navigating through the menus to be able to select the option or track I wanted. After fighting the interfaces for about 2 weeks, I gave up and returned the iPod. More...